Deck Division

AGAM Holdings is here to help you navigate your way through the various freight companies in North America to find the one that best suits your needs.

Deck Services


Agam Holdings operates a diverse fleet of flat deck equipment to meet your transportation needs. Through our Flat-deck division we operate with almost every type of flat-deck equipment possible to meet the customer’s expectations.

Our experienced flatdeck divisions service a variety of commercial industries from construction to mining to oil and gas exploration. We deliver to all accessible sites and provide door to door service. We specialize in the transportation of lumber, structural steel, pipe, and pre-cast concrete products as well as machinery of all types and building material, Roofing material. We have a great deal of experience in the movement of large construction cranes.

We run a large modern fleet that includes 48' to 53' tridem and tandem flatdecks and step deck for your cargo needs.

We focus on the growth of strong working relationships with our customers so we can efficiently service all of their needs. We offer 24hr/7 day/week dispatch.

  • Tri-axle 53’
  • Tandem 53’
  • Tandem 48'
  • B-Trains (Super-B)


Our knowledgeable team of operators and drivers are equipped to manage even the most difficult situations. From securing a load to handling unfavorable weather conditions, all of our fully-equipped units carry vinyl-coated tarps, straps, chains, and binders.

However, we understand that some loads cannot be moved with a standard flatbed truck. That’s why we also offer step deck trucking services, which allows us to move taller, over-sized loads on an open deck platform. All of our step deck trailers can transport up to 48,000 pounds, and some trailers are equipped with container locks. With safety at the forefront, our experienced team understands the requirements in place to ensure that your load is handled properly.

We also have a group of permit experts on staff that can provide permits as needed, and map out specific routes for over-sized loads. Our office personnel and owner operators take a proactive, hands-on approach to ensure your loads are delivered safely and on time every time.

  • Tri-axle 53’
  • Tandem 53’
  • Tandem 48'


We have the capability to haul overweight and overdimensional loads. Our specialized and heavy haul division work with customers from smooth pick up to delivery. We provide various specialized services including initial transportation, laydown yards, local/state negotiations for routing, and agricultural transportation services. Having these capacities allows us to tailor to your unique needs, ensuring that your freight arrives in tact.

Our in-house team of transportation professionals understand the importance of meeting strict safety guidelines that affect even the most complex loads, and our GPS-enabled equipment provides you with visibility every step of the way.


Agam Holdings specializes in moving over-size freight across North American and the globe on our large Fleet of Various different types of Trailers.

It all adds up to having a partner with the focus, dedication and ability to safely move your over-sized shipment with maximum efficiency. Regardless of where your shipment begins, where it goes, its size, weight or bulk, you know it will be handled as safely, efficiently and smoothly as possible.

Whether you are preparing for your first over-sized transportation project or you do it regularly, Agam Holdings will be your One stop solution for Over dimensional.

Agam Holdings has hauled up to 65’ long loads.. Our Team will work hard to move your over-sized freight very safely.


There are a lot of factors that go into creating a great Project Services Logistics team, but few are more important than the know-how that comes from encountering and solving every conceivable occurrence in every conceivable circumstance in transporting goods. Agam Holdings is experienced in supporting everything from seasonal surges to emergency shipments and promotional rollouts.

Some of our accomplishments include:

  • Having handled over 5,000 project loads in 2014 to 2017 alone
  • Agam Holdings works with some of the largest transportation organizations in North America

Uniquely positioned to serve as an extension of your company, we provide the capacity, technology and resources to get the transportation project completed on time and on budget regardless of size, location or geography. By-the-road trucking and logistics service expertise Agam Holdings Project Services offer you a wide range of customizable solutions from which to choose.

Our solutions include:

  • Project Plan Development
  • Real-Time Visibility
  • Experienced Operators Redundant Capability
  • Customized Analytics

Given all of that, the most valuable benefit our Project Service team provides might be peace of mind. After all, projects don’t just strain your transportation resources; they put a lot of strain on you, too. So whether it’s dealing with seasonal needs, figuring out disaster relief initiatives or collaborating with an existing carrier to offer additional capacity and flexibility, Agam Holdings is here to simplify, streamline and manage the process — just like we’ve handled countless other engagements.


It’s expensive to hire your own in-house (LTL) transport experts. So you’re stuck trying to find the right truck that can move your shipments at the right time. Save time and money when you work with Agam Holdings. Our in-house LTL shipping team knows where to find the trucks and the most efficient routes for your freight — saving you where it counts. Manage Your LTL Freight in One Place.

Spend your time doing what you know and let us manage your LTL shipping. We know who to call to find you the most efficient routes possible. Save time and money with AHL.


Our drivers meticulously follow regulations and standards when transporting hazardous materials. Keeping safety issues as a top priority our drivers have the knowledge and experience required when handling and transporting hazardous materials.

Our team understands that this type of shipment must be handled precisely but also on time which is one of the reasons why our team works so diligently to ensure that transports are scheduled appropriately & with the proper documentation.

More customers are choosing to outsource different parts of their business, and hazmat is no exception. This makes sense as outsourcing helps to provide a level of insulation between regulatory compliance and your business, while reducing the costs associated with employees and training.

  • Paints and various chemicals
  • Flammable liquids
  • Corrosives and oxidizers
  • Batteries
  • HAZMAT-certified carrier across Canada
  • Expedited shipments for fast, non-stop delivery
  • Industry-leading on-time delivery rate.
  • 24/7 customer service